Vipassana/Insight Meditation in the San Francisco Bay Area

5 01 2016

There are many  Vipassana/Insight meditation communities and teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Here are links to some of the best known and most respected:

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An Afternoon with Joseph Goldstein

28 07 2014

Joseph Goldstein

Legendary Buddhist teacher Joseph Goldstein visits the Insight Retreat Center for an afternoon of meditation and teachings on mindfulness (pictures and audio of his talks).

July 2014

Two Week Meditation Retreat with Gil Fronsdal

29 09 2013

Insight Retreat Center

“A vast amount of the universe is not you.”

“We saved the world from you for two weeks.”

A two week meditation retreat at Insight Retreat Center with Gil Fronsdal, focused on Not-Self and the Five Aggregates (pictures).

September 2013

Sitting with dukkha

11 06 2013

Nice piece at the Secular Buddhist Association web site by Doug Smith that gives a clear sense for what a meditation session can be like.

Insight Retreat Center opening

27 10 2012

The inaugural retreat at the Insight Retreat Center (pictures).

October 2012

Buddhist Science at the Exploratorium

5 05 2012

A visit to  the “World of Your Senses” exhibition at the Exploratorium, with Tibetan monastics on hand to explain and discuss their work (original SFist post and full set of pictures).

May 2012

Beginner’s Mind

27 02 2012

A nice summary of posts for beginning meditators and anyone wanting to cultivate beginner’s mind, from Buddhism Now.